DNA sequencing and auto-matching

  • ​​Standard technology as used in medical and forensic science.

PCR Exponential Amplification


Creation and breakage of DNA protected complexes

  • Protects DNA against polymerisation environment.
  • Breakage of complex under mild conditions (DNA survivability).
  • Scalable process.


The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a low cost, fast technique used in medical and forensic industry which amplifies a single piece of a specific DNA to produce billions of copies.

It allows very small traces of a particular DNA sequence to be detected and analysed.

PCR provides quantification of the amount of a particular DNA detected.

There are millions of unique signatures that can be analysed by their characterisation.

A user defined database is created to store DNA signatures. These signatures can define whatever the end user requires, as it is customisable, they can be application specific in addition. 

The database can be operational, regional, company wide, etc.

DNA Signature Analysis

Creation and breakage of polymer encapsulation.

  • ​Stable at high temperature (>250C), 1000 bar and under mechanical shear (e.g., pass thru pumps).

  • Inherently stable; does not degrade with time (reservoir time scales).

  • Protects DNA for “life of fluid”, e.g., in downhole environment.

  • Breakage of polymer encapsulation without affecting complex or DNA.​

  • Nano sized particles integral to fluid, pass thru reservoir, fractures…etc
  • Scalable, manufacture & analysis processes.